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AT Hackathon Winners Announced

Assistive Technology Design competition was organized last week at Thapathali campus, and the winners of the AT Hackathon have been announced. It was the first ever AT Hackathon organized by Disaster Hack in collaboration with Tribhuvan University, Curtin University, and PAC Asia, Locus, RAC Thapathali, Women Leaders in Technology (WLIT), Makervalley, Swopna Digital.

The Details:

  • During the first day of the hackathon, 1st June, the participants and guests were given a general introduction of the Hackathon. The theme of the Assistive Tech hackathon was “improving lives of people with disabilities using technology”.
  • The second day of the event was for design thinking; 105 of the participants were involved in the event, where they identified the problem by interviewing people with disabilities. Top 9 problems/challenges were then selected among those identified.
  • The consecutive days involved team formation, team working, prototyping and presentation sessions. On the 7th day, the teams presented their projects and judges decided the winners.

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The Winners:

  • The first prize worth Rs. 50,000 was won by team Orpheus. The problem they are solving is the Partial/total locomotive disorder for the operation of a wheelchair. They made a prototype of EEG (Electroencephalography) based Smart Wheelchair.
  • The second prize worth Rs. 20,000 was won by team B#S. They worked on an application that would be a platform like a google map for differently-abled people.
  • The third prize was won by two teams Cool V and My Sight. They worked on a project that would aid visually impaired people and a talking whiteboard respectively.

One more thing:

  • AT-hackathon exhibition will be happening on June 24, at Ignition Lab. There will be open lab day and Robotics expo at Thapathali campus as well.

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