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Analogue Mall is Providing Accidental Coverage on Products They Sell

Analogue Mall, a Nepali electronic products retail store, is now providing accidental damage coverage on the products purchased from them. The store tied up with the insurance company, Himalayan General Insurance, to provide this service.

Analogue Care Mall
Analogue Care

To benefit from it, customers need to buy the “Analogue Care” plan at the time of product purchase or within 60 days of the purchase.

Analogue Care Packages

The products are divided into two categories: Category I and Category II. Category I includes TV, tablets, smartphones, and laptops, whereas action cameras fall under Category II.

The store offers two types of packages for both product categories: Standard package and Premium Package.

Analogue Care Category I Packages
Analogue Care Category I Packages

The Standard package, which costs 2.5% of the MRP of the product, covers accidental display damage of both the Category I and Category II products.

The Premium package costs 3.5% of the MRP of the product. In addition to the display coverage, the Premium package also covers the camera damages of the Category I products, excluding TV. For Category II products, i.e., action cameras, it covers all physical damage.

Analogue Mall is also planning to introduce the “Apple Care+ with Theft and Loss” service in Nepal soon.

How to Buy Analogue Care?

You can buy the plan through their online store. When you click or tap on the “Get Analogue Care” button on their website, a form will pop up for you to fill out. After you submit the form, Analogue Mall will contact you for further procedures.

Alternatively, you can purchase the plan in person at their physical store located at New Road, Kathmandu. The store also plans to open its outlet in Pokhara very soon.

Things to Note

One thing to note here is that the packages are only valid for a year. Customers need to renew the package every 12 months to extend the coverage period.

The Analogue Care service also does not cover theft, loss, water/fire damage, or software damage. Additionally, the store mentions that customers cannot claim the service after more than 10 days of the occurrence and suggests claiming as soon as possible.

After the claim, the customer is required to pay a 25% deductible of the total claim amount.

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