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Ajayameru: Nepal’s First ‘e-rural municipality’

Nepal is going to have its first ever ‘e-rural municipality’ as Ajayameru Rural Municipality will be implementing new e-governance policies by mid-July.

The details:

  • Ajayameru is one of Nepal’s remote rural municipalities in Dadeldhura district. The elected representatives of the area have been working on the e-governance project.
  • The project will connect all the government and non-government offices, schools and health facilities to the Internet.
  • It is in final stage so that the rural municipality can directly monitor these service providers while giving services to the people.
  • The municipality has already started implementing computer education in all the schools in the area. They have set up modern health laboratories in almost all the wards.
  • From mid-February, there will be e-attendance of all government employees in the rural municipality.
  • They also plan to start one English medium community school in each ward from the next fiscal year.

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