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Accurate Wireless Earphones Launched in Nepal: Surprisingly Good! [Review]

Seeking recognition in the electronics era, a new company has just emerged from the shadows. With the slogan “Quality with Affordability”, Accurate has started distributing its line of various electronic products in the market. USB chargers, Wireless Earphones and Speakers and Power banks seem to be their forte.

Their Wireless Earphones “Accurate TWS HX03” have just been launched exclusively through the online shopping portal Daraz for an attractive price of Rs 3,200. The wireless earphone did manage to cross by my desk a couple days ago and since then I’ve pretty much gotten used to the earphones by now. So, this is my review of the Wireless Earphones.

Accurate Wireless TWS HX03 Earphones Review

The earphones look and feel plain vanilla. One look at the earphone alone is enough to fool you into believing that its not worth it. But there’s a little more to the device that meets the eye.

A pretty familiar structure

The skeletal structure of the wireless earphone is pretty much identical to the other earphones present in the market. The stem is a bit long and is quite of triangular shaped and it’s quite slippery as well. So, getting a hold of the earphones can be a little burdensome; that’s what I felt.

The box in itself is kind of boxy with round corners with a single central hinge system supporting the top hatch. Inside, the pair of earphone are attached magnetically to the foundation of the case. The power button to engage the earphone is placed at the central part of the case.

The design of the earphones is in-ear but keeping the buds inside the ear can be a little challenging for some people; myself included. The earphones didn’t go in too deep and there were times when I had them falling right out of my ears. So, I think it’s better to refrain from the pair when going for a run.

Initial Configurations are Confusing!

The earphone is wireless so Bluetooth is pretty much the standard method for connectivity. Both the earphones have to be connected to a device separately. This is where you may have some troubles. For me, the earphones did not sync properly and so I had to reconfigure them again and again. But once configured, the earphones are quite interactive and responsive.

The interesting part about the earphones is that they come equipped with some of the most bizarre features. For instance, the earphones can detect when you remove them away from your ears and once you do that, the playback stops immediately. Even though it’s not always consistent, it works pretty well most of the time so that’s great.

Similarly, you also get the squeeze for Google Assistant functionality which is quite useful at times.

The Output is Quite Average though

All the heat boils down to this particular section, the audio. So, I have a couple of things to say about the audio. First and foremost is the loudness of the earphones. Each individual earphone can be insanely loud at max volume. The output gain is pretty good, it’s so good that I couldn’t even last 15 mins with the volumes turned up to the max.

Secondly, the clarity of the output is pretty good as well. Distortions from the sounds are hardly noticed at optimal volume and so the output is quite transparent. But as the loudness increases, slight distortions increase as well and this slightly affects the clarity.

Last but not the least is the bass quality. The bass output is okay-ish meaning that its neither that heavy nor that low. The moderate bass is noticeable but its just average. So, all in all, the audio output is pretty much average and I’d give it around 6 out of 10.

Battery is Decent Enough

Each bud come equipped with a 40mAh battery that provides playback time up to 3 hours. The power case is itself is equipped with a 420mAh battery capacity that means the earphones should last a total of around 12 hours. The case comes in with a USB type C charging port that takes around 45 mins to an hour to get from 0 to 100.

Well, does it really live up to the set standards? Yes, it does. I did use the earphones for a long continuous hour and it held up pretty well actually. Throughout the week that I had it in my hand, the earphones alongside the charger lasted with just a single full charge. So, I give the battery an 8 out of 10.

Pros Cons
Extremely Loud Okay-ish Bass
Good Battery Life Initial Setup is a little Confusing

Verdict: Should you spend Rs 3,200 on these earphones ?

Well, in summary I think the earphones are worth giving a try. For general use, the battery and connectivity are pretty solid and if you don’t really require bass that much, the audio is pretty decent as well.

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