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8,700 Taxis Fitted With Automated Billing Machine

Photo: THT

8,700 of taxis among the total 9,700 taxis operating in Kathmandu Valley have been fitted with an Automated Billing Machine as part of the drive to check random charging of taxi passengers, said the Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology(NBSM).

The NBSM has launched a drive to install the billing machine in taxi meters operating in the valley around eight months ago to prevent the passengers from being overcharged by the drivers.

“The machine is being installed in around 100 taxis on a daily basis,” said NBSM General Director Bishwo Babu Pudasaini.

The billing machine installation charge is supposed to cost around Rs 5,000 to Rs 8,000 in a taxi.

“The taxis without a billing machine are barred from plying in the valley,” said the NBSM.

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