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15 Percent of Tunnel Work in Bheri-Babai Project Completed Using TBM

Image Courtesy: ekantipur

With the use of Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM), the Bheri Bhabai multi-purpose diversion project has completed digging 15 percent of the tunnel. The work was started about two and a half months ago but already 1800 meter has been dug using the machine, writes eKantipur.

Previously, all the tunnels and digging work in Nepal used to be done either by drilling or blasting. But due to the sensitive geology of the project site, none of the methods could be used.

The project that aims to dig 12 Kilometers of the tunnel is the first project to witness ‘A machine digging’ system.
According to the Senior division engineer Rukmangat Khanal, TBM digs about 20-25 meter of the tunnel when used for 18 hours a day. The project involves about 84 Chinese technicians and 600 Nepali workers.

The Bheri Bhabai Project will have a 15-meter high dam which will divert 40 cubic meters of water per second from the Bheri river to Babai river. The water will be used to irrigate 51,000 hectares of land and also will be capable of producing 48 Megawatt of electricity.

The project aims to be completed in March, 2020 and is expected to ease the food crisis in Mid Western Region by increasing agricultural yield. It also forecasts electricity generation worth Rs. 4 billion annually and requires Rs. 16.5 billion to complete.

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