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Iconic ‘Zippo’ Lighters Officially Launched in Nepal

What do you think means to be an iconic product? To be a legend? It means to transcend time and be so synonymous to the service the product provides that people think the service and the product are synonymous. Say, Google for example. You don’t search nowadays, you Google it. A mispronounced version of Googol, the word Google has become synonymous with search in the minds of people. There are other products like this, like Tupperware, or bubble-wrap, or Band-aid.

Zippo is one of those products. First made in 1932, Zippo Lighters are as iconic as a product could be. If you have watched Hollywood movies, you have seen these lighters in action. You probably already have an image in your mind. The rectangular chrome frame with a hinged top. A person flicks open the top and the ‘clink’ makes you instantly realize that you have seen the same lighter in so many different places.

These lighters have been featured in every World War II movies you can imagine. Movies on Mafia or drug lords that are incomplete without a cigar or cigarette scene are incomplete without this lighter. These lighters are the legit definition of cool. Zippo Lighters range from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 368111 in the international market.

Now, Zippo has arrived in Nepal.

The official distributor of Zippo in Nepal is Zipal Company Pvt. Ltd. Zippo was launched in Nepal on 28th December 2018 at Calm Restaurant & Bar, Tangalwood, Kathmandu.

Currently, these lighters are sold online through official Facebook @zipponepal1 and Instagram page @Zippoinnepal. It is also available on eSewapasal and Sastodeal. No Daraz. Sorry. There is a store/office under construction at Gairidhara (next to Benelli Service Centre).

Zippo currently has more than 100 different designed lighters in Nepal ranging from NRs. 2250 to NRs. 24411. Other products including fluid, flints, wick, hand warmer, Zippo pouch, Zippo ashtray, Power glasses, Sunglasses, Collector Case are also available.

Zippo Lighters have a lifetime guarantee. They are windproof and usable with a single hand. Their value and brand are universally recognized. Zippo is to lighters what Rolex is to watches. If you want to exude class while still continuing to smoke, this is the way to go.

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