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“Daraz Has Got It All”: Up to 30% Discount on Yasuda Home Appliances from Daraz!

Who doesn’t love discounts? Everybody loves them and we want to see these discounts more often. Well Daraz has been bringing various discount offers for us from time to time so we can enjoy spending at a lower price. This time it’s the “Daraz has got it all” sale. On this sale, you can find up to 30% discount on Yasuda home appliances on Daraz.

The old rice cooker giving trouble? The CRT TV does not quite describe the living hall? Frustrated because of the heat? Then this sale is definitely for you.

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This sale is mostly oriented towards home appliances. It consists of everything that you have been wanting to buy for a long but were waiting for the price to drop. The offer is divided in to 5 different categories: Small Kitchen Appliances, Larger Appliances, Televisions, Cooling and Audio.

There small kitchen appliances consist of rice cooker and mixer-grinders with discounts ranging in between 20-30%.

The larger appliances have products like washing machine and refrigerators. Both Double Door and single door refrigerators in different variants and are quite affordable; discount range from 4% to 30% leading to around Rs 10,000 discounts in some products. Even the multi-functional washing machines are coming at a reasonable price.

Televisions are of many variants LED, Smart LED and 4K Smart LED. There are major discounts in the LED sections, one discount in the 4K Smart LED and unfortunately no discount in the Smart LED section.

The cooler and audio section includes Air Conditioners, Fans and Audio sections. There are some interesting offers in these sections as well.

Yasuda 43″ YS43UC3 Ultra HD 4K Smart LED TV – Black on DEAL

One of these applications that caught my eye was the Yasuda Ultra HD 4K Smart TV at a price of Rs 48,449. A 43’’, Ultra 4k with quad core processor, Android 6.0 with 4GB RAM and 16GB ROM, definitely all the features packed at such a price range. Normally a television of this type costs a lot more. But this time because of the discount, the price has dropped from Rs 59,999. A difference of around 12K!

All these applications are from Yasuda and are all reliable if you are all wondering. There’s a wide variety of appliances to choose from so visit their site and start shopping now!

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