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RAN Announces Commence of Yantra 6.0

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Image credit: RAN

Robotics Association of Nepal (RAN) has announced details for its Art Tech Science Festival, Yantra 6.0 which is being held this year. The scheduled date of the event has not been disclosed yet. 

About RAN and YANTRA?

  • A not-for-profit organization that aims to promote, educate and bring more Nepali people to explore the field of robotics and electronics.
  • Has been organizing a national-level robotics competition as a part of “Yantra” for the past 4 years. The primary mission of “Yantra” is to create a platform that aims to encourage interdisciplinary cross-pollination among the creative and technical fields with a focus on learning and exchange.
  • Every year the event has featured various robotics competitions, workshops, art-tech exhibition and other multidisciplinary programs.

Event Theme: The theme for this year’s Yantra 6.0 is “Technology For Change”. According to the announced details, the event will have 5 major programs:

  1. The International Robotics Competition
  2. Art and Tech Exhibition
  3. Yantra Learning
  4. Yantra Kids, and
  5. Yantra Incubation

The Robotics competition will have 3 subcategories. The main competition will have a theme of “Robot Without Wheels” where participants of will have to design and develop a robot without wheels that can solve a specific task and can solve a local problem existing in the Nepali society. Along with that, there will be two open competitions Yantra Racer and Yantra Akhada.

Why Yantra matters? 

Yantra has been one of the best platforms in Nepal for showcasing talent, competing against fellow robot makers, experimenting in the Art-tech integration and coming up with new ideas to enhance the robotics and electronics field through practical methods.

This year, with the inclusion of Yantra Incubation, the winners of Yantra will not only get a monetary reward but also significant help in creating their prototype, business model development of their product and also help with market analysis and mass development, should it be feasible.

To learn more and register for Yantra 6.0 visit RAN’s official website.

Edited by – Prabina Neupane

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