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WorldLink Launches “Internet Just Rs. 20” offer in it’s 20th Anniversary

WorldLink is one of the leading Internet service provider in Nepal. It has already been 20 years that WorldLink started providing internet service in Nepal and few days ago WorldLink celebrated it’s 20th anniversary. WorldLink aims to increase the number of the users and satisfy it’s user. So, on the occasion of it’s 20th anniversary and for honoring customers continuous support and unwavering loyalty it has brought several schemes for it’s Internet users. If any new customer wants to use the Internet of  WorldLink then, the world link will charge only Rs. 20 for the installation. But, this offer is valid for the peoples who register within 20 days and the first 2000 registration only.


On the occasion, it has added some of the facilities like by paying Rs. 1300 per month you can use the 75 GB data with the speed of the 10 Mbps. According to the research the average consumption of the data by a house is around 20 GB to 40 GB. The data which is provided by the WorldLink is much more than required. It is cheap compared to other countries where they have to pay more money for same data package. Small offices only needs to pay Rs. 1600 per month to used 125 GB data with speed of 25 Mbps. When the volume of the data is finished then the Internet will work at the constant speed of 384 Kbps.

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