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WK Design Smart Life Products Now Officially Available in Nepal

Have you ever thought that your earphones look too bland? Or that your powerbank is too bulky? I can tell you that I have (for the earphones). If such a thought has ever crossed your mind then, you will be glad to know about WK Design.

Giedeo Power Bank

For people who don’t know who WK is, WK is a Hong-Kong based company which gives fashion the same level of focus as the function while designing their products. They manufacture products like cases, power banks, cables, earphones, speaker, etc. Techmax International is their official distributor in Nepal. The company has recently debuted with its range of products in Nepal and plans to open its franchise at different cities across the country in near future.

To see how much design focused WK’s products are, take a look at this desktop bluetooth speaker from them or their Giedeo Power Bank.

Desktop Bluetooth Speaker

Other Notable products from WK are:

You can buy WK products online via their online store managed by Techmax. Or you can find their products in Neo Store – Jawalakhel, Neo Store – New Road, or Civil Mobiles – Civil Mall.

If you want to add a little bling to your mundane accessories, WK seems like a good choice.

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