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Wikithon 4 is Going on – Help improve the Nepali Wikipedia

Established 14 years ago and now the Internet’s largest and most popular general reference site, Wikipedia is a free-access and free content Internet encyclopedia. It has been serving many researchers, students and curious minds with its free content. It is open to edit to everyone. Many experts and editors worldwide have been working on a regular basis to provide the site with promising and error-free contents.

Wikipedia foundation Nepal has been organizing wikithon in Nepal. In this program, people sit together and contribute to Wikipedia with an aim to improve upon our own localized Nepali Wikipedia pages and information. To continue the trend, Wikimedia foundation Nepal is Back with another wikithon. Wikithon-4 started from Aswin 14 and will go on till Mangsir 2.


The  objectives that lies behind the program is to

  • Improve the level of Nepali Wikipedia.
  • Increase the access of Nepali people to the Nepali Wikipedia.
  • Promote this current period of festivals (Dashain, Tihar, Chathh) as a period to help share knowledge rather than to gamble and to drink.
  • Help promote Nepali Wikipedia as a new way of getting education in our society.

How to participate?

  • First of all, Open up an account in Nepali Wikipedia page.
  • After setting up the account, Sign in and register here.
  • Then you can start adding / improving on articles that are on Nepali Wikipedia page. You will need a Nepali unicode as well. The instructions on it can be found on the official announcement page.

What is done in Wikithon?

Many people sit together and write articles, and edit the articles. You don’t need to be together with others, though. You can register and get started on it right now from wherever you are. The whole point is to add new articles on Nepali Wikipedia or, to improve upon the articles that are already there. Here’s a guideline on how to add articles on Nepali Wikipedia.

Who can participate?

Anyone with the knowledge of Nepali language and culture, living within and outside Nepal. You can contribute online from wherever you are.

Best contributor will be awarded cash prize.

Lets contribute something to our society in this festive season.

Happy Festivals!

For more details please click here.

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