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UXCam; Start-Up That Connects Silicon Valley and Kathmandu

What do Kathmandu and Silicon Valley have in common?

At first glance, not much. The giants of the tech industry are being created in the valley. Google, Facebook, Twitter, you name it. Kathmandu is still on the way to rise upwards in economic growth.

But one Start-Up from the Valley actually operates heavily in Kathmandu as well. UXCam, a tool for qualitative mobile analytics. To explain it in one sentence: UXCam allows app makers to understand what users are actually doing within their app.

Kishan Gupta, the CEO of UXCam, was born and grew up in Jitpur, Nepal. He moved from Nepal to London and to the US, but Nepal always remained in his heart.

Although UXCam managed to get into incubators in the UK and the US, including Microsoft Ventures and 500 Startups, the company always remained Nepalese as well.

One of the reasons why UXCam operates in Nepal?

Talent is distributed equal, opportunities are not.

– Kishan Gupta.

He sees it as an advantage that not many businesses have tapped into the Nepali market because there is a lot of unrecruited top talent available in the country.

Rethinking UXCam

The value of Nepali team became clear when the team faced the huge challenge of relaunching the company.

Kishan recognized that in order to establish UXCam as a market leader in the mobile user experience category the product would have to be rebuilt to support the ambitious product roadmap. And, they decided to do so.

The team realized that rebuilding the product created an opportunity to rethink the whole company. They could improve the looks and branding and rethink the UI and UX of their product.

The relaunch also gave UXCam the opportunity to react to customer requests. They were setting the company up for the future.

Challenges & Solutions

With big changes come big challenges.

The existing team was easy to convince of the plausibility of the relaunch.

The new leadership had to establish itself first though. This was not easy at the time, UXCam was split up over four countries and with that in completely different time zones.
The time difference was not the only problem though – the working culture was different, too. This resulted in difficult communication.

In order for communication to be aligned, the team needed to get to know each other, new processes had to be implemented.

On the product side, goals were set too high. The team chased big projects but in reality, the key was more but smaller projects. This allowed for easier development, management, and testing.

UXCam got closer and closer to relaunching. There were delays, but in the end, they managed to pull through.

The Result

If you look at the results, the effort of the relaunch clearly paid off.

The customer feedback was positive. The qualitative analysis improved with robust features, enabling customers to find usability issues easily. The whole UX of the product improved, which is quite important for a company called UXCam. And the product will expand even further in the future.

With Dr. Silvanus Alt and Dr. Andre Scholich, Kishan brought on board two experienced data scientists from Germany, who joined UXCam as Head of Product and Head of Engineering in its newly established Berlin office.

The micro-interaction data of product usage that we capture, puts us in the forefront to understand user behavior and pinpoint usability issues – automatically, through advanced machine learning techniques. This is just the beginning of what is to come.

– Kishan Gupta.

If you are interested and ambitious enough to join a fast-paced start-up, check out our careers page: https://uxcam.com/careers

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