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Possibility of Underpasses in Naya Baneshwor and Maharajgunj

Kalanki Underpass
Image Courtesy: eKantipur

The underpass at Kalanki junction will be constructed in the next few months. On the other hand, the government has already started studying the possibility of constructing similar structures in Naya Baneshwor and Maharajgunj.

Why it Matters:

If the plans of the government are implemented well, within the next five years, there will be three major road crossing equipped with underpasses to let vehicles crossing in Kathmandu valley.

According to the Department:

  • They have begun selecting consultants for a feasibility study for the construction in two new places.
  • They plan to complete all construction works in next four years.
  • The Department says both the projects will be constructed with domestic investment. However, a Chinese company has expressed its interest in the construction in Maharajgunj.
  • China has also invested in the construction of the underpass in Kalanki.
  • According to the Department’s Deputy Director General Arjun Jung Thapa, it will take around 10 months for the feasibility study.
  • “We think underpasses are necessary along with road expansion to get rid of traffic jams in Kathmandu,” Thapa says, “Therefore, we will launch a feasibility study in two places.”

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