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Ultima Lifestyle’s “Ekasi Ko Offer” – Massive Discounts, Combo Offers, and More!


  • Ultima Lifestyle is launching a special campaign for its products on the occasion of New Year 2081.
  • The offer will start from Baisakh 5 and last till Baisakh 9, 2081.
  • The offer will apply to Ultima’s earbud, speaker, and smartwatch line of products.

Ultima Lifestyle, the Nepali-based accessory brand, is ready to launch a special “Ekasi Ko Offer” campaign to celebrate the Nepali New Year.

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Ultima has stated that any products ordered from their product site during this period will not incur any delivery expenses, and will be shipped to customers free of charge.

The offer will begin from Baisakh 5, 2081 and last till Baisakh 9, 2081.

The following Ultima earbuds, speakers, and smartwatches will be available for purchase at a discounted price.

Ultima New Year “EKASI KO OFFER”

Ultima Products Price in Nepal Offer Price
Boom 141 Earbuds Rs. 3499 Rs. 2081
Boom 161 Earbuds Rs. 2999 Rs. 2281
Atom 520 Pro Earbuds Rs. 2699 Rs. 1981
Atom 192 Earbuds Rs. 3599 Rs. 2181
Atom 820 Earbuds Rs. 2999 Rs. 2081
Nova Pro Smartwatch Rs. 5999 Rs. 4081
Circle Smartwatch Rs. 5999 Rs. 4081
Magic Pro Smartwatch Rs. 4999 Rs. 2981
Dynamite Speaker Rs. 3499 Rs. 2081
Boost 131 Powerbank Rs. 2999 Rs. 2081
Boost 141 Powerbank Rs. 2999 Rs. 1981

Combo Offers

If you’re looking to purchase an Ultima smartwatch as well as TWS earbuds, the combo offer gives you more discount than buying them individually. Prices are shown below.

Ultima Combo Products Price in Nepal Offer Price
Magic Pro Smartwatch + Atom 192 Earbuds Rs. 8598 Rs. 4581
Boom 141 Earbuds + Watch Circle Rs. 9498 Rs. 5581
Watch Nova Pro + Atom 192 Earbuds Rs. 9598 Rs. 5581

After purchase, customers will be given a voucher worth Rs. 481 for their next purchase of Ultima products and to top it off, the first 181 individuals that purchase these products, will be rewarded with special gift hampers from Ultima.

Lastly, to customers who purchase the abovementioned Ultima product through Ultima’s website and pre-pay with e-Sewa, those individuals will get an additional discount of Rs. 181.

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What do you think of Ultima’s New Year Offer? Let us know in the comments below!

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