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Twitter Lite Released In Nepal

Twitter Lite

Twitter, one of the leading apps in the social networking market, has introduced Twitter Lite in Nepal along with 23 other countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.

Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite were hugely popular among people having devices with low storage and performance issues. Twitter’s scaled-down version Twitter Lite hopes to be received in the same way.

The new Twitter Lite is very fast. It occupies less than 3 MB space on Android phones. It also loads fast even in 2G network.

According to Twitter, the app is optimized for speed, with up to 30% faster launch time as well as quicker navigation throughout Twitter. In addition, it also has a data saver mode, which further reduces the amount of mobile data used.

Twitter Lite currently has over 100,000 downloads and a 4.2 rating in contrast to 500 million downloads for the Twitter app.

According to Techweez.com, the difference between them are as follows:

Feature Twitter Lite Twitter For Android
Timeline tab x x
Notifications tab x x
Separating interactions and mentions x
DMs x x
Search x x
Highlights x
Moments x
Lists x x
Twitter Ads button x
Night Mode x
QR Code x
Drafts x
Settings & Privacy x x
Help Centre x x
Editing Profile x x
Separating tweets & tweets and replies x
Trends x x
Adding a separate account x
Quality filter x x
Muted words x x
GIF button on timeline x
GIF button on DM x

Twitter Lite was first introduced in April 2017 for users with poor network speed and limited storage. After the experimental release in Philippines showed an increase of 50% traffic through this platform, Twitter released the app with much high hopes.

The app is now available in Algeria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, Israel, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Malaysia, Nigeria, Nepal, Panama, Peru, Serbia, El Salvador, South Africa, Thailand, Tunisia, Tanzania and Venezuela.

Download the app from Google playstore.

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