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Tuberculosis Centre Using Modern Digital Technology to Collect Data on TB patients

A health technician analyses blood samples for tuberculosis testing in a high-tech tuberculosis lab in Carabayllo in Lima, Peru May 19, 2016. REUTERS/Mariana Bazo

For the first time in history, Nepal Tuberculosis Centre has started conducting a survey to collect factual data on tuberculosis patients.

The statistics show that around 44,000 new tuberculosis patients are discovered each year in the country. However, the Centre has a tentative calculation of around 58,000-60,000 new tuberculosis patients.

Why it matters:

The factual data of tuberculosis patients collected from the survey will aid in the preparation of a plan for their treatment.

What they are saying:

  • The Centre Director Kedar Narsingh KC said that the survey started from Balkumari of Madhyapur Thimi from February 1 in order to collect real data of patients suffering from lung tuberculosis.
  • He said that the survey has been started to find out the real conditions of tuberculosis affected people through a modern digital technology by reaching out to 57,610 people, making 99 different clusters in 58 districts, as it has been carried out as a pilot program in three districts – Bhaktapur, Sindhuli and Dolakha.
  • “The survey would be carried out in additional 55 districts where 60,000 people would undergo examination through chest x-ray and cough test. A real data of tuberculosis patients would be gathered from the survey.”, said Anil Thapa, Survey Coordinator.

The Details:

  • The government of Nepal has provided Rs. 230 million, Global Fund has provided Rs. 170 million and Lung Health Foundation of Norway has provided Rs. 30 million for the survey.
  • The sum total amounts to Rs. 430 million which is the total survey cost.
  • ITA, Japan has provided technical support for the project.

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