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Traffic Police Nepal App – Beat the traffic!

4appWhensoever we begin a journey; we hope to reach the destination as quick as possible, dodging any traffic ahead. If we get stuck in traffic, we wish that we had taken a different route. What, if only we could see the future or turn back time? Well, if only that was possible, I would do more than just avoid traffic. But, since that is not possible we have next best thing we can bring in use, a newly launched mobile app called ‘Traffic Police Nepal‘.

Traffic Police Nepal is an Android app launched by Nepal Police with an aim of facilitating public for a convenient and safe commute.

Upendra Kanta Aryal, Inspector General of Police, launched the app at an event held at Nepal Police Club, Bhrikutimandap. He expressed his confidence, belief in abilities and functionalities of the app.

He said, “With the increase in roads, many issues regarding traffic management has heighten. Improper and outlaw management of road is a major issue that needs to be tackled. With an aim to make traffic more accountable and create awarness about the traffic rules to general public the app is being launched.

Features at Glance

  • Live Traffic Status about traffic pressure at various intersections at different places around Kathmandu.
  • Public eye which allows the public to file complaints against traffic rule violators secretly and report the incident about an accident.
  • Find the latest traffic news, information on traffic related incidents, diversions and also about traffic rules, traffic signs. Also, watch the videos installed on the app to learn more about traffic police and traffic rules.
  • Find information like traffic control room number, nearest traffic station, traffic reports, lost and found vehicles and important numbers.
  • Users get instant notifications on incidents that directly affect the traffic.
  • View fine details and nearest bank locations to pay fine amounts.
  • Users can directly make a call Traffic Police Control Room from within the app.
  • Facility to quickly browse emergency contact numbers and download guidebook for the license test.
  • Traffic FM can be streamed online as public can listen to Metro Traffic FM 95.6 without plugging the earphone.

This app will not only help you in reaching your destination in time but also save you the pain of gawking at bumper stickers again and again. So, do give this app a try!

Download the Traffic Police, Nepal app.

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