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The Idea Challenge – A Platform for all Innovative Ideas

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Every day we look around, we see so many things that are not correct, that needs improvement and needs attention. So many of such conditions takes us into deep thought and we start analyzing how we can make things better, and sometimes we even come across some ideas, that may help to improve those conditions, but sadly those ideas only remain in our minds, since we have no idea how to implement it.

MIC Nepal, in collaboration with UNDP Innovation Facility has launched an event named ‘The Idea Challenge‘, which mainly aims to help some wonderful business idea turn into reality. It mainly focuses on business/enterprise ideas that uses local resources, attract youth investors generates local employment and benefits the society.

It is a platform where all the innovative ideas can be brought together and discussed. It aims to foster those ideas which are sustainable, practical, have sound business plans and also have social benefits.

In the first phase of the event top 50 ideas will be selected and they will get a pen drive. Whereas, in the second phase top 15 ideas will be selected who will get a windows phone. The ideas will be judged on the basis of public votes and decisions of jury members.

To know other guidelines and other details about the event visit: http://www.ideastorenepal.com/

To see other ideas that are submitted to the event, visit: http://www.ideastorenepal.com/IdeaChallenge/Ideas

To register for the event, fill up the form at: http://micnepal.attendanevent.com/ideathon

To post new ideas, visit link: http://www.ideastorenepal.com/IdeaChallenge/PostNewIdea

The selections of winners of the first phase are happening on 15th January at MIC Nepal.

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