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TAXpert – Tax Calculations Made easy! [App Review]

One of the most irritating things a person has to go through is the procedure of paying tax. Not everyone in the general public may have sufficient knowledge about the tax system of Nepal. As it stands, it is difficult to ask someone for help on this matter.

TAXpert is an android based application developed by VolcusSoft Pvt.Ltd. that helps the user to keep track of the tax they have to pay. Everyone wishes that there was an easy way to keep track of one’s taxes. This app is useful to everyone and can help the users to solve their queries and worries about paying their taxes.


  • Solve your Tax Queries with expert solutions.
  • Read business news of different News Portal of Nepal.
  • Calculate salary tax of employees.
  • Calculate TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) amount of payment.
  • Get notified about the due date of Tax, VAT repayment and filing of return.
  • Contains a download section from where users can find important Tax Documents, Formats, Circulars, Directives like the company registration format, tax return format, and many more.
  • Get notifications about the latest decision and notice relating to tax issues.
  • Get tax related news.
  • Ask Tax Experts directly about how to solve your tax related problems.
  • A wide arrange of tips and tricks to help you understand the tax system better.


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Final Say about the app


This app is easy to use. Users can search their Tax related queries, calculate various tax related deductions and get a wide range of support. Users can also download documents like Excise-Duty-Act-Nepal, VAT act, Revenue Code, and other similar documents. Select what types of tax you have to pay and how to pay them. The app is a must have for people who find it difficult to navigate through the tax system of Nepal. Things are difficult in the tax office and this app will help the user solve those problems.

User Interface

The UI looks interesting and is easy to use. As far as the color goes Taxpert has decided to go with a bright blue color. It has a good feel to it and is easy on the eyes. The entire app is comfortable. Users can use this app easily and not worry about the complexity of the matter of paying taxes.

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