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Tap Infinite- A Obstacle Based Game by Nepstar Games

With the development of addicting games, the numbers of obstacle based games are increasing. Each of the games has different factors to offer but in the end give the same output – dodge the obstacles, earn points and level up. These different factors and the mechanics of the game determine the fate of the game.

Tap Infinite is a recently launched obstacle based game. This game is developed by the Nepstar Games, the team consisting of two members from Nepal currently in their 12th grade. This game is their second launch; the first game called Darkness also an obstacle based game.

Tap Infinite is navigated through the means of a ball in a vertical interface. The ball has to dodge obstacles in the form of sharp-edged pins. This game is divided has different modes that we can choose from, three modes based on difficulty and other extra modes.

The additional modes such as Time Mode, Be in the Cup, Invisible Ball and Through the Blades. Each of the games is tough to play and requires a lot of practice to maneuver.


The graphics of the game is not up to the mark, it is quite average. The presentation of the menus are disoriented and are less appealing.

This application needs to work a little on the graphics, presentation of the menu of the game and the promotion/marketing of the game. However, the game is a good way to pass time and test your reflexes.

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