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Smart Krishi: A smart Phone App for your Agricultural Needs

With the development of scientific techniques and methods leading to overall development in professional agriculture, the field has also started being digitized. It means that the vital information, which plays a great role for changing the conventional methods of farming in Nepal, are available on digital media. The development of an Agriculture related apps was inevitable. ‘Smart Krishi’, which is developed by Sudip Singh and Anil Regmi for android phones is an app that is slowly gaining popularity in the agriculture community. This week the app has crossed over 10,000 downloads.


The main aim of Smart Krishi is to keep up the spirit of farming, bond different regions and help agriculture grow. It inspires the youth to take up agriculture as farming with a lot of emphasis on organic and profitable farming. It keeps in mind the health and prosperity of all i.e. taking mankind and nature together.

There are numerous features of this application with a simple to use interface. Farmers are able to utilize most of the features effectively to earn maximum benefit, such as:

  1. Package of Practices: This feature enable farmers to access to all the information related to “High value, low product” category crops from Varieties, soil/ climate to harvesting and storage procedure.
  2. Price Information: This section gives daily updated price of Vegetables, Meat, fruits and food grains.
  3. Success/failure stories and News: This features let farmers to know about the agriculture related news and success/failure stories which can motivate the early startup farmer.
  4. Agro Library: For exploration of large pool information related to agriculture related data, feedings for livestock, manure production, benefits of locally available herbs/fruits for particular disease and many more.
  5. Buy and Sell: In this section, they can put the details of agro tool, product along with their contact details. Interested one can directly contact them.
  6. Helping institutions: Users can access the contact details of helping intuitions like NGO/INGO, DADO, DLSO, government bodies, research centers and banks.
  7. Agro-Vet details: Contact details of agro vets all over the Nepal with phone number and email address.
  8. Agro jobs/training and events: Users will be notified about the agro jobs, training programs or upcoming events (exhibitions, conferences) on a national and international level.
  9. Farmer’s Community: A pool of agro experts, students, farmers and agro tool traders for discussion on any issues. One can send their queries along with photo of disease their crop is facing and experts will analyze and provide relevant informations.

Popular Aspects :
Small file size
Has diverse and relative information
Interactive UI and Nepali Fonts

Downside :
Needs to be synced manually
Limited Data

You can download Smart Krishi app from Google Play store.

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