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SLUSH Global Impact Accelerator First Time in Nepal – The first step towards making your startup a global phenomenon

Everyone who starts a startup aims to make their product the best and most used in the world. Nowadays, it is not surprising at all if a technology based product takes the world by storm. We have very good reasons to believe Nepalese tech products can do just that. All we need is the right platform. SLUSH Global Impact Accelerator may just be that platform.

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What is SLUSH Global Impact Accelerator, you may ask?

SLUSH Global Impact Accelerator is a program created in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland and multiple partners globally. The purpose is to create a leading global program to support startups that are looking to solve some of the most pressing global challenges. It aims to bring impactful entrepreneurs from emerging markets to Helsinki to accelerate their business and attract additional financing. The program includes online pre-mentoring program and Helsinki boot camp program from November 22–December 2, 2016, culminating in SLUSH.

SLUSH is Europe’s leading startup and technology event, which connects startups and tech talent with top-tier international investors, executives, and media. It is a non-profit event organized by a community of entrepreneurs, investors, students and festival organizers.

This year for the first time SLUSH Global Impact Accelerator will be held in Kathmandu, Nepal. This will be a local competition acting as a platform that assists companies/ startups in Nepal reach out to a wider audience and in gaining international exposure.

Slush Global Impact Accelerator is an opportunity for Nepalese startups/companies to participate in this international event. Upon selection at Slush Global Impact Accelerator Local Competition, teams will join winners from other local competitions around the world to Slush 2016 Global Impact Accelerator, in Helsinki. This platform introduces them to the international market while connecting them to investors, startups, partners and media that are eager to know what NEW is happening around the world. Slush Global Impact Accelerator will be introducing the most impactful products from around the world.

The participants must have:

  • A technology based product that can accompany you to Slush 2016 Global Impact Accelerator.
  • Vision to solve pressing challenges globally
  • A business idea that has gained some traction, but can still be in an early phase
  • At least a working prototype

The product will be judged on aspects like:

  • Current stage of the product
  • Market potential, competition
  • Team competence
  • Impact on a global scale
  • Investment readiness

This a major opportunity for any or all startups in Nepal that believe they can take the world by storm. SLUSH may just be the platform they need. The 2015 SLUSH brought together 1700 startups from 100 countries and introduced them to 800 investors. I’m sure this event will be even better.

YoungInnovations Private Limited is organizing the event in Nepal. Be sure to apply via YIPL’s website to make your dream grow bigger. The deadline  is July 31st, 2016.

To participate, click here.

For further information on the program, click here.

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