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Segway E100 Price in Nepal (May 2024 Updated)


  • Segway E100 price in Nepal is Rs. 2,91,000.
  • It is powered by a 1.8 kW electric motor and a 1.44 kWh Battery.
  • Segway Nepal offers a 3-year Warranty on the Battery and a 2-year Warranty on the Motor!

Segway E100 is now available in Nepal.

Segway E100 price nepal
Segway E100

I Hub Pvt. Ltd., the authorized distributor of Segway scooters in Nepal, continues to offer Segway E100 for the Nepali market. It is the most popular affordable Segway scooter with a good balance of style, performance, and features.

Segway Nepal has gained its reputation as a high-end Electric Mobility brand. It has already established six showroom across the country as more people shift towards clean energy.

Segway E100 is a mid-range electric scooter, that offers an affordable bridge between the Segway N100 and Segway E110L.

Additionally, Segway E100 comes with a 2-Year Warranty on the Motor and a 3-Year Warranty on the Battery.

With that said, let’s take a quick look at the Segway E100 in Nepal along with its specifications for 2024.

Segway E100 Specifications

  • Motor: 2400W
  • Battery: 72V20Ah (1440Wh)
  • Peak Power: 2400W
  • Peak Torque: 150 Nm
  • Battery Type: Lithium
  • Range: 60-100 Km
  • Top Speed: 58 Kmph
  • Charging Time: 7-8 hours
  • Tyres: 10-inch Anti-Skit – Dual Disc
  • Tubeless Tyres: Yes
  • Braking Type: Standard
  • Ground Clearance: 130 mm
  • Under Seat Storage: 22 liters
  • Loading Capacity: 150 kg
  • Weight: 80 kg
  • Colors: Red, Black, Blue, White

Segway E100 Price in Nepal: Rs. 2,91,000

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Segway E100 Overview


Segway E100 is both futuristic with premium aesthetics and modern design.

It has a unibody styling that stays true to its untraditional aesthetics. It attracts immense attention, especially with a good bright color combination.

The front section comes with a 6-lens Matrix LED Headlight setup with integrated LED Indicators. It is separated by an LED DRL strip and features Automatically Headlamp On-Off function.

Front Styling in Segway E100
Front Styling in Segway E100

Segway has managed to focus on practicality by including a Front Storage pocket with an additional USB Charging port.

The overall front profile is clean and sleek.

It gets a sleek LED Digital Display with plenty of information like Battery Indicator, Odometer, Clock, and Modes.

Similarly, that sleekness is also visible in the side profile. It gets a Flush Passenger Footrest which goes well with the unibody theme.

Coming to the rear profile, it includes a Single-piece Grab Rail, a Strip-type LED Taillight, and Integrated Side Indicators.

Rear Styling in Segway E100
Rear Styling in Segway E100

Additionally, the Segway E100 comes in four different colors: Red, Blue, White, and Black.


Segway Ninebot E100 is powered by a 2400 Watt Tailored Brushless Electric motor. It can generate a max torque of 150 Nm with a claimed top speed of 58kmph.

It comes with a 72V20Ah (1400Wh) Lithium battery with an expected range of 60-100km. Moreover, the average charging time is 7-8 hours.

Side Styling in Segway E100
Side Styling in Segway E100

It includes Cruise Control, Hazard Light Switch, Riding Modes, and a Reverse Button as standard.

The battery gets IPX7 protection whereas the scooter gets IPX5 protection.

Additionally, Segway E100 comes with a 3-Year Warranty on the Battery and a 2-Year Warranty on the Motor.

Additional Details

Segway E100 sports a Hydraulic Spring Damping system for both the front and rear. Additionally, it gets Dual Disc Braking.

The dimensions are 1755mm in length, 675mm in width, and 1135mm in height. Moreover, the wheelbase is 1235mm.

Sadly, Segway E100 gets only 130mm ground clearance.

The net weight (including the battery) is 80kg. And, the max loading capacity is 150kg.

It should be noted that both the Ground Clearance and Performance suffer a bit when riding with a Pillion.

It gets a 22-liter under-seat storage.


Here is a quick list of features in the new Segway E100 in Nepal.

Digital Meter in Segway E100
Digital Meter in Segway E100

Segway E100 Features Highlights

  • Futuristic Design
  • 1800 Watt Brushless Electric Motor
  • 72V20Ah Tailored Lithium Battery (Removable)
  • Matrix LED Headlight and LED Tail Light
  • Integrated Side Indicators
  • Digital Display
  • Cruise Control
  • Riding Modes
  • Hazard Light Switch
  • Remote Key Control
  • USB Charging Port
  • 22L Under Seat Storage Space
  • IPX5 Rating (IPX7 for Battery)

Segway E100 Price in Nepal and Availability

Talking about the price, the Segway E100 price in Nepal is Rs. 2,91,000 for the single available variant.

E100 is still a growing class of scooters with their quirks and features. While it is getting there, there is still room for improvement.

Additionally, Segway Nepal offers a 2-Year Warranty on Motor and 3-Year Warranty on Battery for the Segway E100.

Interested individuals can visit the nearest Segway showroom for further details.

Segway E100 Price in Nepal
Segway E100 Rs. 291000

Segway E100 rivals its own Segway E110L.

Both scooters are different in the battery capacity, braking system, boot space, and overall dimensions.

While the Segway E110L costs almost Rs. 1 Lakh more, it offer a larger 27L Boot Space, a larger 1.7 kWh Battery Capacity Battery, and larger Wheelbase. These changes provide a quality of life improvements which ultimately improves the overall handling of the scooter.

Whereas the Segway E100 has toned down on few features to keep costs down.

It misses out on E-ABS Brakes with smaller 1.4kWh Battery Capacity, smaller 22L Boot Space, and smaller Wheelbase. Nevertheless, these sacrifices justifiably make the price more aggressive.

More importantly, the Segway E100 is an affordable premium scooter that offers plenty of nifty features keep people busy until the next generation arrives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the authorized distributor of Segway electric scooters in Nepal?
I Hub Pvt. Ltd. is the authorized distributor of Segway scooters in Nepal.

What is the price of Segway E100 in Nepal?
The price of the Segway E100 electric scooter in Nepal is Rs. 2.91 Lakhs.

What is the warranty of Segway E100 in Nepal?
Segway E100 gets a warranty of 2 years on the electric motor and 3 years on the battery.

What is the ground clearance for the Segway E100 in Nepal?
Segway E100 gets a 130mm ground clearance.

Where is the Segway showroom in Nepal?
Segway Nepal showrooms are located at Durbarmarg, Jhamsikhel, Pokhara, Hetauda, Itahari, and Narayanghat.

Do I need a number plate to ride a Segway in Nepal?
Yes, you will need a number plate to ride a Segway scooter in Nepal.

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