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Security Flaws Found in Intel, ARM and AMD Chips; Every Computers, Phones at Risk

A serious microchip flaw was discovered in processors last week. According to researchers, Intel, ARM, and AMD potentially have a serious bug that could affect billions of devices. These architectures are used in almost all the modern computers, laptops, and smartphones. Intel and AMD are most commonly used in desktops and laptops. The ARM is widely used in manufacturing smartphones.

What are the Flaws?

Meltdown” and “Spectre” are the bugs that will affect these chips. Among them, Meltdown affects laptops, computers and internet servers; mostly Intel chips. However, system affected by Spectre is broader. It affects each and every smartphone, computing hardware on the planet.

The fault was found in architecture design. Hackers can exploit these by stealing sensitive data like passwords, credit card information.

How do you prevent it?

It is much more difficult and complicated to find an appropriate solution. The fault lies in the core architecture design. Though it can be solved via a software patch, the problem might remain permanent. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has promised to release a software patch for processors released in last five years. Over 90 percent can expect the updates within a week, rest 10 percent will get it by the end of January.

It is yet to be seen how the companies handle this situation. We will keep updating you on the situation.

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