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Samsung’s Relumino Smart Glass Helps the Visually Impaired Using VR

Samsung’s C-Lab was established in late 2012 as the company’s Innovation Program. It is an internal program that aims to cultivate innovative projects and ideas. Following its core principle, C-Lab has three new exciting products; Relumino Smart Glasses, S-Ray Speakers and GoBreath App.

According to Samsung’s blog post, the three creative projects will be revealed at CES 2018. The event will also feature seven start-ups from C-Lab and their newly developed commercial products. Additional to the seven startups, other three have stood up from the crowd.

Three innovative new C-lab projects as well as commercial products from seven spin-offs to be showcased at this year’s CES

#1. Relumino Smart Glasses

These are the visual aid eyeglasses to help people overcome visual challenges. It helps users with visual impairments see clearer images. These smart glasses work alongside a smartphone, utilizing its batteries and processors. The glasses utilize a smartphone’s camera processing images of videos projected. This will help people see things better.

#2. S-Ray Speakers

It is a portable directional speaker. This is quite different compared to normal speakers, headphones or earphones. It will free users from the hassle of carrying earphones. Strange but intriguing Neck Bend design allows users to carry it anywhere. Since the speakers are directional, it only broadcasts sound in a certain direction. It allows users to be more attentive to their surroundings. S-Ray speakers come in three sizes; Mini, Handy and Neck Bend.

This is definitely one of the most interesting among the three projects. I will keep a close eye on this!

#3. GoBreath

GoBreath is a health application which focuses on respiration. Developed by a doctor at Samsung Medical Center, that walks the patient through various breathing techniques. Patients can refer to exercise guidelines and check how well their lungs have recovered through the app. Other services include web and cloud service for doctors to efficiently monitor their patients’ recovery progress.

You can read more about it here.

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