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Sagoon Extends Second Round Funding By 72 hours

Sagoon had released an official notice on its site for the second round of Mini-IPO, the deadline for which was 30th of November 2017. However, due to high volume of transactions, payments made by many investors were not successful until the deadline. Because of this, Sagoon has extended the funding round by three days.

Sagoon has been offering 869,564 Class C common stock shares at $23 per share. The minimum investment accepted by the company is 43 shares and maximum is $20,000,000 of total shares. Investors can make payment through credit/debit card, ACH, wire payment, or cheque.

Sagoon has already received 3000 plus investors and investment of about 3.8 million USD. According to Govinda Giri, CEO of Sagoon, the company plans to collect capital worth of 5 million USD.

Recently, Sagoon has been receiving a lot of buzz and recognition in the market, although not all of them are positive. After unveiling their plans for a Mobile App, the website has gained a great number of users.  The company is scheduled to release its mobile app by the end of December 2017.

For more details, please visit Sagoon.

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