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Rise in the Sales of Electric Heaters

Electric Heater

This year sees a huge rise in demands of electric heater in Nepal, reports My Republica.

According to Sudarshan Prasad Paudyal, first vice president of the Federation of Electrical Entrepreneurs of Nepal (FEEN), sales of heaters have increased by eight to ten percent.

Suraj Chauhan of Unique Enterprises said that this year up to 55 heaters were sold in a day while they could hardly sell 30 heaters last year.

While Arun Jha of Mudra Electrics, Sanepa supported the claim saying, “As a local retailer, I can say that this year the demand for electric heaters has increased drastically. On average, three to four heaters were sold each day this year, which is far more than what were sold in the previous years.”

Paudyal credited this rise to the efforts by the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) to prevent load shedding and to the extreme cold in southern Nepal. He informed that demands are high for halogen heaters with three rods and fan heaters.

Paudyal said, “Although fan heaters warm up the room very efficiently, as consumers psychologically tend to relate sensation of heat with emission of light, these heaters are in popular demand. Likewise, with the adjustable power consumption between 400 and 1200 watt in halogen heaters, as opposed to the 2000 watt power consumption of fan heaters, halogen heaters are more energy and cost efficient contributing to their high demand.

Demands for gas heaters, once very popular among consumers, have declined steeply as people start favouring environment friendly electric heaters.

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