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Video: Remax Earphones Review – RM 502, RM 510, RM 303, RM S1 Pro, RM 580

REMAX is an enthusiast brand that specializes in fashionable and quality electronic products. Its official store in Nepal is located on 4th floor of Civil Mall, Kathmandu.

Remax entered Nepal in 2017 with tons of products including categories such as Protection, Energy, Audio, Fashion Bags, Creative Products, and etc. Currently, Remax boasts more than 200 products from aforementioned categories in Nepal with the tagline “My Device My Life“. All of the products from Remax targets young audience with its trendy and fashionable design along with uncompromised quality.

Among this humongous lineup, Remax provides various kinds of earphones with an expansive price range. What follows is Remax earphones review video in which we have reviewed Crazy Robot RM 502, RM 510, RM 303, RM S1 Pro, and RM 580 earphones from Remax.

If you want to buy any of these products after watching our review, you may want to check out the prices of Remax earphones in Nepal.

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