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Redmi Earbuds S Review: Affordable TWS with Average Sound Quality

The Good

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Stable connection
  • Decent battery

The Bad

  • Sound quality not good
  • No AptX codec support

Redmi has launched one of the most affordable TWS Redmi Eardbus S in Nepal. Redmi Earbuds S price in Nepal is Rs. 3,199. It is available in Black color. It is available for purchase via Daraz and offline retailers across the country.

Redmi Earbuds S
Redmi Earbuds S

I have been using the Redmi Earbuds S for a week and I have few things to say about it.

Redmi Earbuds S Specifications

  • Body: 4.1 g (each bud), IPX4 rating
  • Driver: 7.2 mm audio driver
  • Bluetooth® Version: 5.0, 10m wireless range
  • Battery Capacity: 43 mAh (each bud), 300 mAh (Box), up to 12 hours of playback,
  • Charging Port: MicroUSB Charging, 5V1A
  • Colors: Black

Redmi Earbuds S Price in Nepal: Rs. 3,199

Redmi Earbuds S Review


Redmi Earbuds S is an in-ear TWS. The earbud has a compact body and it fits pretty good on the ear. There’s no stem hanging out the side of your ear and it doesn’t stand out as well.

Talking about its comfort, it is pretty lightweight as each earbud only measures 4gm. The case measures 27gm making the whole package about 35gm only.

 Earbud @ Redmi Earbuds S
Redmi Earbuds S – Earbud

The earphone feels light and comfortable while listening to music or working out. It will feel like a part of your body. Talking about the fit, the ear tips come in three sizes. So, you won’t have a problem with the fit unless you don’t like the in-ear design. However, isolation is not as good as it should be.

The case is quite small and has a pebble-like sphere shape. You can easily fit it into the watch pocket of your jeans. But, it is slighlty thick, so it will protrude if you’re wearing tight jeans. The case has Micro UBS charging port on the back. The case doesn’t have any indicator for the battery.

 Case @ Redmi Earbuds S
Redmi Earbuds S – Case

The buds have a small LED to indicate the charging state and pairing state. It blinks red while charging and white when pairing. Both, the case and buds have a matte finish which looks pretty good. The only thing I don’t like about the case is its flimsy top part.

Sound Quality

Redmi Earbuds S uses a 7.2mm audio driver and has a boosted bass. So, the sound quality is average and it’s quite alright if you’re casually listening to some pop music while traveling. But you won’t like the sound if you’re an audiophile or if you care most about the audio quality.

The bass is not as exaggerated in the low end as it is in the mid and high-bass regions. The vocals do sound clear but it lacks depth in the mids. So, the vocals do sound a bit hollow and unnatural. You can listen to highs but the high end lacks detail and it will sound muddy if you’re especially listening to rock songs.

Design @ Redmi Earbuds S
Redmi Earbuds S – Design

As for the latency, you won’t notice it while watching videos. However, you will notice audio lag while playing games. But, Xiaomi has provided a low-latency mode which drastically improves the latency while gaming. You can access it by triple tapping the multi-function button.

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Touch Controls

Redmi Earbuds S uses buttons instead of touch controls. The outer part of the buds is actually a button and you can press it for multiple functions.

  • Single Tap: Play/ Pause, Answer Call
  • Long Hold: Reject Call
  • Double Tap: Voice Assistant
  • Triple Tap: Low Latency Mode Toggle

You cannot skip songs or go back to previous songs. That function is missing from the Redmi Earbuds S which is a bummer for me.


Redmi Earbuds S uses Bluetooth V5.0 so it boasts the standard range of 10m. And, I haven’t had any problem with its connectivity. I haven’t had any connection drop within its range and I haven’t had audio drops as well.

Charging Port @ Redmi Earbuds S
Redmi Earbuds S – Charging Port

However, it doesn’t support multipoint. Well, most TWS at this price does not support multipoint. Surprisingly, the Redmi SonicBass which costs Rs. 2000 does support multipoint.

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Furthermore, it includes a built-in mic for phone calls. So, you cause the TWS for phone calls and the audio quality is decent. The receiver was also able to hear my voice and most of them told me that the voice was good but not great.


The buds have a 43 mAh battery and the case has a 300 mAh battery. Redmi claims 4 hours of playback with a single charge. But that is true if you listen to songs on 50% volume. I got around 3 hours of playback when I was listening on 100%.

Then the case provides you 2 full charges. So, the total playback is around 11-12 hours if you use 75 % volume. It will be less if you use 100% volume.

Should You Buy It?

Redmi Earbuds S is well built and its battery life is quite good for the price. However, I was not impressed with the sound quality. The low latency mode also helps for gaming as the audio lag will be negligible.

So, if you care the most about sound quality then I suggest you get a better TWS which will be expensive than this one.

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