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6 Reasons you Should Buy MPV This Year

Over the past few years, MPVs have become more popular and their demand has increased by a great margin. In fact, as of April 2021, Mitsubishi made a record sale of 1,872 vehicles with Mitsubishi Xpander contributing almost half of the sales- 982 units were moved. This is 52% of the total sales.

With the Mitsubishi Xpander price lower compared to its competitors like Kia Grand Carnival, Toyota Innova and Honda Odyssey, its sales are likely to soar even further.

At first, SUVs were the talk of the town all over the world due to the combination of luxury and multipurpose character. As of today, the demand for multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) has gained momentum and for good reasons.  But why are people placing more orders than before?

Why You Should Buy a New MPV?

MPVs are typically large hatchbacks with expanded seating capacity. Compared to their competitors-SUVs, they are economical but not more powerful. Even though dowdy MPVs exterior design cannot be compared to SUVs, there is a lot to admire.

Everything happens for a reason. With more families planning to have a vacation when the new normal reverts to the old normal, the vehicle with a large seating capacity would be the best for such occasions.

Here are reasons as to you should buy a new MPV:


One factor that has contributed to the increased demand for MPVs is their multipurpose nature. The fact that MPVs can handle large luggage and comfortably accommodate over six passengers is enough reason to place your order today.

Except for extra-large cargo that needs a pickup truck; the cargo space can carry over six travel bags and other items.

Fuel economy

Despite carrying seven adults and other luggages, some MPVs have a fuel consumption rating of 12.7 km/litre which is much lower compare to many small cars.

With the introduction of hybrid MPVs like Serena Hybrid, NISSAN E-NV200 COMBI and Peugeot E-Traveller Active, expect to spend less on fuel.


If you peep into the interior of many MPVs, the interior configuration can be likened to those of luxurious SUVs.

Whether it’s legroom or headroom, the space is large enough to accommodate the tallest people. The ergonomic seat designs are wrapped with shiny and eye-catching material.

Spacious cargo space

Whether you are travelling alone or with your entire family, MPVs cargo space is usually large enough to accommodate everyone’s luggage.

And to offer more space for your cargo, the rear seats are foldable.


Unlike SUVs and large sporty cars, MPVs are cheaper. There are plenty of MPVs that are even more budget-friendly compared to many sedans and hatchbacks which are referred to as small cars.

With less than RM 100,000, you can buy the MPV of your dream.

Flexible seating options

Most MPVs have their seats foldable to give room for the desired seating configuration. With the rear and middle row seats foldable in most MPVS, you can adjust the seating configuration to suit two, five, six or even seven passengers.

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