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Rapoo A100 Now Available in Nepal; Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Rapoo isn’t exactly a household name in Nepal. They have been here for quite a time now and have introduced plenty of products in Nepali market. For those who do not know, Rapoo is a computer peripheral manufacturing company based in China founded in 2002. They make products like gaming mouse, gaming keyboards, and portable speakers. Though they specialize in gaming peripherals; we will talk about one of their portable mini speaker; the Rapoo A100 in this article.

rapoo a100

Rapoo A100 costs Rs. 3000, and you can buy it from Nagmani International, the official distributor of Rappo products in Nepal. For the money, the build quality of this product is solid. The aluminum feels exquisite in the hand and the matte gray color looks cool. It is not heavy, but it doesn’t feel flimsy either. The weight feels just right.

The speaker blasts sound upwards and is loud enough to make you cover your ears in a small room. The mids and highs are good enough, but the bass feels a little loose and lacking. To sum up, the sound is nothing phenomenal but it is not trash either. If you want something portable to carry around and use as your laptop speaker replacement then you’ll be happy with this product.

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Where this product falls short is the placement of its physical controls. It’s at the bottom which is always facing the surface you are keeping your speaker on. So, if you want to change the volume or skip a track, you’ll have to lift the speaker. It’s a hassle that should have been thought through by the designers of this product. But Rapoo went with looks over functionality. Though this isn’t a deal breaker, you should keep it in your mind when buying this product.

That was the Rapoo A100, a stylish portable speaker. It looks great, sounds good enough, and costs not that much. If you are in the market for something portable, you should take a look at this product. This is just one of many new devices that Rapoo has launched in Nepal. Keep checking our page for further updates!

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