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Robotics Association Nepal (RAN) is back with ‘YANTRA 4.0 – Art Science and Tech Festival 2015’

Robotics Association Nepal (RAN) since its establishment on 2010 A.D. has been effectively providing the platform to learn, to explore, to educate and to compete in the field of robotics. It is one of the national level non-profit organizations focused on the enthusiast all over Nepal. In short span of time, RAN with its vision to represent Nepal globally and act as common hub for robotics activities in Nepal, has been successful to leave a good impression among Nepalese people. Along with the conduction of various workshops, seminars, training’s and competitions, this organization has been gradually moving towards research and development. This area of research and development is taken the most prioritized field in its mission since its start up.


Robotics Association Nepal  is back with its fourth edition of National Robotics Competition (NRC) called ‘YANTRA 4.0 Art Science and Tech Festival 2015’ on December 3 19, 2015. (Read the update below.) This competition is supposed to be followed up by 9 days exhibition which starts from 6th of December. There will be 15 days of Art and Tech Exhibition from Dec 16 to 30.

YANTRA  is not only constricted to robotics it is much more than that. It is the collaboration of science, art and technology involved in the field of robotics. The competition this year will be focused on helping the victims of earthquake. This competition targets the engineering students who are the victims of more theoretical knowledge at their college level.

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This competition is sub-divided to four different themes- Towards the Centre, Yantra Manual Akhada, Yantra Automatic Akhada and Yantra Racer. Yantra Manual Akhada and Yantra Automatic Akhada involve the competition between robots whereas Towards the Centre is project based aiming to take the relief packages to the victims of earthquake. Among all these events Yantra Racer stands out in a way that this competition holds participants under 18 years of age as eligible candidates. Not only that, they should also compete by making an automatic line following robot representing the famous temples or heritage icons destroyed in the earthquake.

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The registration process is open to all and various workshops required in the competition are also being conducted. Now, only late registration and eleventh hour registrations are left for the registration process. Last year, 64 teams had participated in the competition with altogether 250 participants.

“The team getting highest point in delivering and making the bridges Towards The Center will win the prize worth Rs 150,000. Likewise, the fastest and accurate robots in Yantra Racer will win prize worth Rs 75,000 while the winner of
Yantra Manual Akhada will receive prize worth Rs 75,000. And similary, the winner of Yantra Automatic Akhada will win Rs 50, 000”.

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Update:  This article was updated with the new date of the event, as it was postponed due to the current fuel crisis. Also, the prize mentioned was incorrect, which has now been corrected.



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