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Raktadan App – Need Blood? This App could Help

Passion drives perfection”. Passion is a powerful force in accomplishing anything that you have set up in your mind. A true example of it is, Nirmal Nepal a 20 years old boy who built an android app Raktadan which can be really helpful for the people who are in need of blood.

Many people nowadays are facing challenge of blood supply in Nepal. We always see many post in Facebook regarding the need of blood but many people just overlook it and neglect such posts.

Raktadan is a  app that is designed for delivering the need of blood where one asks for blood and another from the wider pool of app users respond to that blood requirement.

We can say that, Raktadan is a platform to share the “Blood Required” stories.



There are three tabs. They are: Help Requested, Directories and Contribute.

Help requested: This tab displays the list of people who are in search of blood, their blood group and the name of the hospital where the patient is.


Directories: This tab displays the list of hospitals and blood banks that are close to the user’s location.

Contribute: This tab is basically for the users. People who want to contribute can fill out the information such as blood group and name of the hospital where the person is. For this, users have to login in through their Facebook account. After the user is logged in, they have to fill the information in the I NEED BLOOD section. A user can suggest a hospital as well.


Final say about the App


This app is easy to use. The user feels at ease and definitely could be one of your favorite app.

User Interface

The UI feels simple and beautifully designed. The easy-to-use tabs are sure to make the user feel comfortable with the app.

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