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Quik Bhuktani, An Ingenious Way to Do Business in Nepal

If you are a supplier of some goods, this might be THE service that you’ve been waiting for your whole life. Not your whole life, but since the time you started doing your business. Quik Bhuktani is an app specifically made for enterprises that supply goods to corporate buyers.


Most of the time, in the business, you don’t get your full money, the day you deliver your goods. You have to wait some days/ months at the request of the buyer to get your cash. And even then, you might not get your payment in one go. You may have to wait some more for the other half or a quarter of your payments.

Isn’t this just annoying? It’s dangerous too if you are a small business owner. You may have to take loans to manufacture your goods because you aren’t getting paid on time. That is an extra financial burden for you.

What if all this problem had a simple and effective solution? What if you could get your money within a few days/ a day of your delivery? You may say that I am out of my mind. You may say that this problem is too complex to solve. Well, Quick Bhuktani obviously doesn’t think so.

Quaik Bhuktani: The Solution

Quik Bhuktani brings suppliers, banks, and buyers in a single platform to ensure that no party faces any difficulty in any part of the transaction. Here’s how this service works.

You raise your invoice to the buyer. The buyer approves the invoice. Then you take that invoice and apply to the bank for immediate (but a little discounted) payment. The bank approves the discounted payment and makes the payment against buyer’s credit limit. At this point, the supplier has already got their money. They don’t have to worry if they will really be getting it or not.

After that, the Bank assigns a date to the buyer to pay the full invoice amount. The buyer pays the bank in due date. End of story.

This service is useful and beneficial for every party involved. The supplier is getting their money at once and faster than ever before. The buyer can relax and pay their share to the bank at the designated time without having to worry about the nagging of the supplier. And the bank gets a profit out of the difference between the discounted invoice it pays to the supplier and the full invoice payment it receives from the buyer.

Another amazing deal for the buyer is that they don’t have to deal with different suppliers and keep track of all the accounting and everything. They just have to deal with a bank that they trust and pay at regular intervals.

Quik Bhuktani is an extremely innovative solution from Sakshyam. If you think you can benefit from this system at all, please contact the folks at Quik Bhuktani to register or to know a little more about the service.

Visit Quik Bhuktani: https://quikbhuktani.com/#/

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