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Python Django Workshop Successfully Conducted on January 6 and 7

Python Django Workshop was successfully held on January 6 and 7 at Himalayan College of Engineering, Lalitpur. The event was organized by CSIT Association of Nepal (CSITAN) with the support of BitsInnovation, FoodMario and Slash Plus.

The workshop was intended for beginners in the field of web development and programming. Twenty five students from among over a hundred applicants were chosen to participate in the event. It was inaugurated by the current General Secretary of CSITAN, Gokul Ghimire.

Instructors for the workshop included Aashish Gurung, Ankur Belbase, Pratik Basyal, Saroj Rai, and Summit Shrestha from BitsInnovation.

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The first day of the event covered basic topics on Python such as introduction and scope of Python, the data types and different modules, as well as installation of Django. Second day was entirely focussed on Django with topics being covered on Django models, admin panel, using Django forms to develop backend and template rendering.

In addition to being awarded a certificate, the participants have been provided 25 percent off on every Python and Django related courses that are offered by BitsInnovation. Slash Plus has also provided 50 percent off on all of its courses for all the participants. Along with that, all the participants and attendees have received discount voucher worth Rs. 100 on food ordered from FoodMario.

Bharat D.C., the President of CSITAN provided token of love to the trainers and supporters of the event. The certificates were distributed to the participants, and then the event formally concluded with a thank you note from Mr. D.C.

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