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Purple PEB 005 Earbuds Review: A Good Earbuds on Budget


  • Good build
  • Decent sound quality
  • Good battery life


  • No multipoint support
  • No AptX support

Purple, an accessories brand has launched a new TWS in Nepal, Purple PEB 005. Purple is a Nepali accessories brand introduced by IoT corporation, a sister company of Vatsal Impex, the official distributor of Xiaomi in Nepal.

Purple PEB 005 review
Purple PEB 005

Purple PEB 005 price in Nepal is Rs. 3,499. It is only available in black color.

It is a budget TWS with Bluetooth 5.3 and a massive battery. Is it good enough for the price? Let’s find out in this review.

Purple PEB 005 Specifications

  • Audio Driver: 13mm
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.3, SBC, AAC
  • Battery Capacity: 35mAh (each earbud), 320mAh (charging case)
  • Charging Port: USB-C

Purple PEB 005 Price in Nepal: Rs. 3,499

Purple PEB 005 Review


Purple PEB 005 review

Purple PEB 005 has a sliding case design. It looks cool but the case feels very flimsy. The sliding top has flex and does not feel durable.

The case is not exactly compact like the PEB 004. It is slightly bulkier than the PEB 004. The top lid also has Purple’s logo and the USB type c port is on the bottom side.

During my time with these buds, I did not have any problem with the fit of the earbuds. It had a very good fit for my ear size. However, the matte finish of the buds doesn’t give them a premium feel.

Overall, the build quality of the PEB 005 feels flimsy for the price.

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Connection & Controls

Purple PEB 005 review

The Purple PEB-005 uses Bluetooth v5.3 for Bluetooth connection. The connection is very stable and I did not notice any drops.

I did not notice any flaws in the connection. However, you can only connect the buds to a single device at a time. So, there’s no multipoint support. For codecs, it uses SBC and AAC.

Unlike the PEB 004, this doesn’t have a quick-connect feature. It connects to the paired phone only when you take out the buds from the case.

It uses capacitive touch controls which works well. You can single tap to play/pause, triple tap for volume control, double tap for skip/backward, and long press to activate voice assistant. Plus, you can tap 4 times to activate the game mode.

Sound & Mic


The Purple PEB 005 also employs the same bass-heavy sound as the PEB 004. But the PEB 005 has a wider sound stage and it sounds brighter as well.

If you listen to EDM, Trap, and Rap songs, the sound profile will feel decent for the price. In the song Creepin by Metro ft Weeknd, the bass line on the 2nd chorus hits pretty well. However, the bass is not tight. So, you will feel ear fatigue if you keep listening to songs on max volume.

Even though it sounds brighter than 004, it is still not bright enough and you will feel this when you listen to acoustic heavy songs. In the song Ranga by Rockheads, the guitar strums in the first verse should sound warm and bright. But, it feels underwhelming on these buds which takes away the novelty of the song. Similarly, the highs sound really soft as well. If you listen to As it Was by Harry Styles, the Hi-Hats build-up on the 2nd line of the 2nd chorus (“You Know it’s not the same as it was, as it was”) feels flat.

Purple claims that the 005 has a noise-reduction microphone that reduces ambient noises. The call quality is pretty good and the receiver was easily able to hear our voice. Similarly, it does a decent job of reducing environmental noise in a sparsely crowded area.

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Purple PEB 005 review
Charging port

The buds come with a 35 mAh battery each and the case comes with a 320 mAh battery. The buds will last full 6 hours on a single charge if you listen at 70% volume.

In the case of charging, the buds take 30 mins and the case takes 1.5 hours to go from 0 to 100%. It also has ASAP fast charging which can fill enough battery for 2 hours of playback in just 10 mins.

Should You Buy the Purple PEB 005?

Purple PEB 005 has good sound quality and it comes with massive battery life. The build quality feels flimsy due to the sliding case style.

Also, the PEB 005 sounds similar to the 004 but it has a brighter sound tone than the 004. Let’s say it is better in terms of sound quality by a very small margin when compared to the PEB 004.

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So this is my Purple PEB 005 review. What do you think of the Purple PEB 005? Let me know in the comments!

Also, watch our review video of the Purple PEB 002 in Nepali.

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