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Samsung Galaxy A51 Impressions: Number “1” has a Great Significance

Samsung introduced plenty of A-series phones in 2019 with various features under various price segments. It’s 2020 and it’s time for new A-series phones from Samsung. Well, Samsung has gone ahead and done that. Add “1” to the previous A-series phones and you’ll get the new A-series phones: Samsung Galaxy A51(A50+1) and Samsung Galaxy A71(A70+1).

Well, the Samsung Galaxy A51 is now available in Nepal for Rs. 38,399 and is currently available on DarazSmarDoko and offline stores across the nation.

samsung galaxy a51 price nepal

Samsung Galaxy A51 Impressions

In this article, we will focus on the Samsung Galaxy A51, upgrade to the A50. Now, if you compare A50 and A51 side by side, the number “1” has a great significance. A50 has 3 cameras whereas the A51 has 4(3+1) cameras, A50 used Exynos 9610 chipset whereas the A51 has Exynos 9611(9610+1) and A50 has 6.4 inches display whereas the A51 has 6.5(6.4+0.1) inch display. Well, it’s just a coincidence.


Looks-wise the A51 has a similar form factor and a similar design. We do see a change in terms of the camera with a new L-shaped camera that we can see on the likes on Note 10 Lite and Samsung S20 series.

On the back, we have the same material and a similar concept with a polycarbonate body and glossy finish. I can already see some scratches on the back, you’ll have to use a cover if you want to protect it. The pattern on the back is also similar to A50 except for the new stripes. And similar to A50, the glossy back lights up with a rainbow of colors when the light hits it. No wonder their color variant starts with ‘Prism”. Moving on to the side, A51 has a plastic frame similar to A50. All the buttons are on the right and there’s a slot for dual sim + micro sd on the left.

samsung galaxy a51 volume rockers

On to the front, we can notice a punch hole instead of a notch just like the Note 10 and S20. I like it better than the notch and notch is kinda boring now, isn’t it? The bezels along with the chin have improved as well and it looks better than the A50. On the bottom, there’s a headphone jack, USB Type C, Mic, and Speaker and on the top, there’s another mic.

The phone feels nice on hands, but it’s big and one hand usage is pretty uncomfortable but not impossible.


In terms of display, we get a 6.6 inch Full HD AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass 3 protection. And as you would expect from Samsung the display is vibrant and colorful. The screen to body ratio has also gone up from 84.9% to 87.4% due to the punch-hole display.

samsung galaxy a51 display

There’s a minor upgrade in terms of hardware. We get the Exynos 9611 chipset instead of the Exynos 9610 which can be found on A50. Then, it has 4GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. So, Exynos 9611 is not the best chipset in the mid-range segment as we’ve already seen this on Samsung’s M30s and A50s.

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Samsung A50 has an in-display fingerprint sensor but not a good one at that and I’m happy that Samsung A51 has an improved in-display fingerprint sensor. It’s faster and more consistent. A51 also has a fast face scanner but I prefer the fingerprint in this one.


Now let’s talk about the main changes and that’s the camera. There are 4 sensors: 48MP main sensor, 12MP Ultra wide-angle sensor, 5MP depth sensor, and 5MP Macro sensor.

The main sensor is a 48MP Quad Bayer sensor and captures 12MP images by default. In comparison to A50, it should have better details and low-light performances should also be improved. The ultra-wide angle camera also gets bumped up to 12MP from 8MP so we will get more detailed ultrawide shots with as well.

samsung galaxy a51 camera

Moving on, the 5MP macro sensor is more of a first in this segment as most of the manufacturers have been using a 2MP macro sensor. Thus, the images from the 5MP macro sensor of the A51 should be better in comparison to others.

The front camera also gets an upgrade from 25MP to 32MP. Well, we will check out their cameras in detail in our full review.


Samsung Galaxy A51 rocks a 4000mAh battery and supports 15W fast charging just like the A50. Well, the battery is adequate but I would have certainly enjoyed a faster “Fast Charging” support.

samsung galaxy a51 usb


Samsung Galaxy A51 is available with One UI 2.0 on top of Android 10. One UI 2.0 doesn’t have many changes but there are some minor improvements.

Previously, Samsung reserved features like edge display and edge lighting for flagship devices but now it’s available on the like of A51 as well.

The new gesture is also available which is similar to native Android 10 gestures. Other than this, A51 also gets a dark mode.


Samsung Galaxy A51 is a nice package. It looks premium with the new camera module and the cameras itself look promising. But the plastic build takes away the charm from its premium look.

Also, it still uses the Exynos 9611 chipset which is not the best chipset in the mid-range segment. And, it is expensive than it’s competitions given the competitions have better performance. Except for this, the phone looks good.

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