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iPhone Price Drops – Best Time to Buy iPhone in Nepal

Price Drop In Iphone In Nepal

On 17th of May, the authorized distributor of Apple products in Nepal, Generation Next Communications Pvt Ltd, has cut the price of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

The company said that the price drop in iPhone in Nepal will help the customers to buy a new iPhone who have been waiting to get their hands on an iPhone since long.

After the price drop in iPhone in Nepal the prices of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are:

iPhone Price in Nepal
Model Previous Rate New Rate
iPhone 7 (32 GB) Rs. 91000 Rs. 86000
iPhone 7 (128 GB) Rs. 105500 Rs. 99800
iPhone 7 (256 GB) Rs. 119000 Rs. 112000
iPhone 7 Plus (32 GB) Rs. 108000 Rs. 105000
iPhone 7 Plus (128 GB) Rs. 122500 Rs. 119000
iPhone 7 Plus (256 GB) Rs. 136000 Rs. 132000

According to the company, iPhone 7 Plus is available in three different color – black, jet black and red whereas the iPhone 7 is available in five different color options – gold, rose gold, black, jet black and red.

As a bonus to the iPhone buyers, the company has partnered with Ncell, to give 1GB Ncell data package per month up to 6 months. Moreover, to gain the extra attention of the customers, they are giving away free back cover for the iPhone and a tempered glass for the protection of the screen. Also, as per the company’s statement, the customers can buy the iPhone via easy installments.

You can buy Apple products from the authorized Apple dealers – Oliz Store, FutureWorld, Apex, Quality Computer, Computer Sales Centre and Himalayan Office Automation.

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