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polyTricks – An Endless Runner 3D Game by Nepalese Game Developers

polytricks game

polyTricks is an endless runner game based on political and cultural aspects of Nepal. It is a 3D animation game  where, a rookie starts its journey to become a president of the country. During the journey of becoming The President user can collect money, votes and power-ups required in your journey. One can also discover different artifacts and other valuables power ups which will help to make their journey easier. Different skills can also be unlocked to speed up your journey. Completing different challenges within the game user can get different bonus. User needs to tilt their device to move the character left or right side of the screen, swipe up to jump over obstacles, pits and swipe down to roll over.

User can compete with their friends and also share their score on social medias. One of the best feature of this game is free life section which enables a player to gain life by viewing advertisement, if s/he dies during the game or s/he is out of the diamond. This feature is only available when the user is connected to the internet.

About Developers

Rabin and Rabishan, Devlopers of Polytricks
Rabin Shilpakar and Rabishan Maharjan, Developers of polyTricks

Two young developers, Rabin Shilpakar and Rabishan Maharjan  have made this game. Rabishan has done the programming portion and Rabin has worked on UI/UX and 3D portion. Their two friends, Ujwal Tamang and Rajkumar Shrestha helped them to make the game. Ujwal contributed on music while Rajkumar on character modeling.

According to the Rabin Shilpakar, “Their main purpose to build this game is to uplift the gaming industry in Nepal. The gaming industry can be next career building opportunities for many IT students and artists. The gaming industry can help us to present our fold, mythological stories, our history, culture, art in the form of the game. This can also educate our current generation, future generations to come and entertain them as well.”

Some of the features of this game are:

  1. Beautiful Graphics
  2. Gorgeous Realistic Environments
  3. Different Obstacles
  4. Chair Powers
  5. Level Ups
  6. Dancing music

Video tour of the game

This game has turned out to be the first step into the arena 3D animation gaming industry of Nepal. This game will definitely become a source inspiration for all the Nepalese developers who want to build their own game.

polyTricks is available now on Google Play. Get it and do your tricks.

To download the game visit:  bit.ly/polyTricks

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