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Paaila Technology to Launch Waiter Robot Ginger

Paaila Technology, a 17-months-old tech-startup in Nepal is introducing a new technology, a waiter-robot called Ginger. Ginger, an innovation in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence, aims to modernize the field of restaurants and provide customers in a restaurant with the best experience.

Paaila Technology started working on Ginger from the August of 2017. The waiter robot will officially be launched in Naulo Restaurant, opening in about two weeks in Durbar Marg.

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“The concept of waiter robots is not novel in the world. We have seen so many waiter robots which are awful at their jobs, are designed and engineered poorly. Ginger was invented with the aim of providing restaurant businesses with best in class robots to enable them to provide a completely novel experience to their customers.”, informed Wasim Akram Khan, Co-founder of Paaila Technology.

Features of Ginger

  • Self-docking: Ginger will be able to charge itself when it runs out of power.
  • Swarm Intelligence: Two or more robots will be able to collaborate, communicate with each other to increase the efficiency of operation. For example, two robots won’t be blocking each other on a path. If such situation arises where two robots are traveling on the same path or if there is any chance of collision, they will communicate their positions and work to find the best navigation path. The robots can communicate among themselves to decide who is in the best position to go to the kitchen to deliver a certain order to a customer.
  • Self-operational: At the end of the day, the idea is that businesses deploy robots to increase efficiency not to increase maintenance and operation staff. Keeping that in mind, the robots can wake up without any manual operation at the specific time of the day and start working. Similarly, at the end of the day robots will go at the docking station, shut down and charge themselves.
  • Natural gestures: Robots are powered with Natural language understanding, face recognition and tracking to enable natural gestures in Ginger.

“Ginger does not come from the traditional industrial powerhouse but from a 17-month-old startup which speaks volume of the entrepreneurial audacity of Nepali youths.”, said Khan

About Paaila Technology

Paaila Technology has become a testament to the growing technological prowess of Nepal in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence with their innovation such as Automatic Dhara, Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for industrial processes, Pari, and waiter-robot Ginger.

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The startup comprises of self-motivated, talented and hardworking people who are always learning and always pushing their limits to deliver quality products and services. They aim to produce world class human-friendly robots that really add value to the business houses that deploy them.

Future of Paila Technology

  • Paaila plans to expand its robotics and artificial intelligence business soon in India and other South Asian markets where this kind of business is still in the nascent stage.
  • They also plan of launching speech synthesis and speech recognition software in Nepali language.
  • They also plan to launch a fully autonomous room service robot that can deliver guests order to their rooms on its own. It can even call the elevator and navigate freely around the hotel premises.
  • Pari 2.0 is going to be a general service robot designed to deployed in wide range of businesses, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, banks, to name a few. Pari 2.0 will be powered by all the AI capabilities of Ginger with further updates and improvement.

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