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National Volunteering Program (NVP) introduces mobile app to register National Volunteers

NVP1National Volunteering Program has recently launched it’s mobile app for android phones that will help users to register online as a national volunteer and find out exciting opportunities to volunteer and help others. The app can be extremely helpful for anyone who is interested to take part in volunteering programs, help others or do any social work but do not have any medium or idea how to take participate, this app can be useful to them.

National Volunteering Program is a joint initiative of the government, National Planning Commission, National Development Services and Himalayan Climate Initiative. Once a user is registered as a national volunteer, he/she can work in collaboration with various governmental and non-governmental organizations.

This mobile app has created a common platform for all the youths to coordinate in volunteering activities, to work more efficiently and use their skills when and where people need them the most. In this app you can also find inspirational stories of volunteerism through posts, picture and conversations. Volunteers can find many volunteering opportunities, get notification, share their experience with other National Volunteers, upload pictures and inspire others to take part in the programs. Users will also get various requests based on their skills from different national and international, government and non government agencies to be involved in.

Other interesting feature is that you can also track volunteering hours, there is News feed window where you can like, comment and share posts. You can also find an project menu where you can find the list of ongoing projects.

I think this application will help all the volunteers to connect fast and to perform their work more efficiently and inspire others to be involved.

Help others so other will help you.

Download the app from here.

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