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CIAA Probe Delays NT’s 4G Service Expansion

Minister for Information and Communications, Gokul Baskota, informed that the ongoing probe in the Nepal Telecom (NT)’s 4G expansion plan has hampered the preparation of the Telecom to launch the 4G network.

Why it matters:

Even though the Telecom had started the network back in January of 2017, it has only been able to launch the network in Kathmandu and Pokhara. The probe has halted their expansion progress. Baskota complained that the probe shouldn’t have been carried out in such a way that it affected the entire 4G expansion plan.

  • In this regard, CIAA officials have informed that the probe will be resolved soon.
  • Contrastingly Ncell, who launched the 4G service in May of 2017, has expanded the 4G service to around two dozen cities across the nation.
  • NT had already called for a global tender to expand the 4G network throughout the country – but the process was halted due to the probe of the CIAA.

One More Thing:

Baskota also said that he is committed to taking action against those telecommunication service providers who have yet to submit the interconnection charge.


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