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Nepal Telecom Launches India Call Pack

Nepal Telecom (NT) has launched offers on outgoing calls to India. This pack will allow NT customers to make calls to India from Nepal at cheap rates. The offer is valid from Magh 25, 2074 to Baishak 25, 2075.

Recently on the occasion of the company’s 14th anniversary, Nepal Telecom (NT) announced various anniversary offers along with Namaste credit as their credit service.  During the ceremony, India call pack was announced to be coming later.

Why it matters:

  • There has long been the demand for the call rate to India to be decreased. This pack decreases the call rates to India significantly.
  • For international calls, customers can make a call through the access codes 1424 or 1425/1445 or 00. The call tariff is lower through the access code 1424 at the rate of Rs. 2.9.
  • Currently, direct call to India through 00 code costs Rs. 12 whereas from 1425 or 1445, it costs Rs. 6. Now that the India call pack is launched, it is valid through all the access codes.
  • This pack will make the customers save up to 40% on existing call tariff.

The Details:

  • There are three different packs included in the offer: daily, weekly and monthly.
  • To subscribe to the data packs, check the following table.
SN. Offer Description Price (Incl. Tax) Offered Calls (Minutes) Validity Subscription Code
1. Daily Pack Rs. 35 15 Minutes 1 Day DINDIA & Send SMS to 1415
2. Weekly Pack Rs. 150 65 Minutes 1 Week WINDIA & Send SMS to 1415
3. Monthly Pack Rs. 500 225 Minutes 1 Month MINDIA & Send SMS to 1415

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