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NT Operates Free Internet in 55 Locations of Earthquake-hit Districts

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Nepal Telecom has started providing free internet service in 55 different locations of four earthquake-hit districts — Sidhupalchowk, Nuwakot, Kavreplanchowk, and Rasuwa.

The telecom is providing this service in different local bodies of these districts. The service is being operated in 5 municipalities, 5 VDCs, 3 ward offices, 15 health posts, and 27 schools with the help of technologies like WiMAX, CDMA EVDO, and 3G.

30 WiMax, 15 3G, and 10 CDMA EVDO base station towers are established to provide this service. Users having access to this service will be able to surf with at least minimum speed of 512 kbps, says NT.

The company will be providing this free internet service at these places only for next 2 years.

Currently, NT is also working to extend this services to other areas of these districts as per an agreement signed with Nepal Telecommunications Authority(NTA). Earlier this year, on Baisakh, NT had signed an agreement with NTA to provide free internet services to different locations of earthquake-hit districts.

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