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NGOsinNepal.com – A directory of NGOs in Nepal

When it comes to the total number of NGOs in Nepal, only the estimates are often heard. It is estimated that there are around 40,000 to 60,000 NGOs in Nepal including both the registered ones and unregistered ones. The appraisals are regularly heard as there used to be no directory as such providing the information of all the NGOs active till date effortlessly. Now, NGOs in Nepal  is the only directory of Nepal, where we can find the information about the NGOs all in one place without hovering all around seeking the information. This is the second attempt to directory as such after startupsinnepal.com by The Parewa Labs team.


With a very good response to startupsinnepal.com which included the information of the startups in Nepal. More than the local people in Nepal, it made easier for the people living abroad to see the Nepalese startups at a glance. It not only became useful in providing the information, but also inspires other people who are still waiting for their right time to wake up and be in the field. Not just this, it also portrays the scenario of various people in their specific fields along with the encouragements even though to the startups. Moreover, the directory is finally into action after the first one.

Similar to it, the motive of creating an NGO directory is so that the hassles in finding the organizations of their choice are no more a headache.

Punit Jajodia, Co-Founder of Parewa Labs

Mr. Punit Jajodia, co-founder of Parewa Labs in answer to what made you come up with such an idea said, “So many people want to visit Nepal and a volunteer at non-profits here. Especially, after the April earthquake, lots of visitors flocked to Nepal for ‘Voluntourism’, supporting the local economy and non-profits while touring Nepal. This is only an example – companies looking for ways to donate to causes, professionals who want to give back to society, basically anybody who wants to connect to organizations that are working to alleviate the pain of the poor and needy in Nepal can benefit from a map of those organizations.”

Also, Anton Fjodorov from Sweden has helped with the website. As explained, he is in Nepal and he wanted to help the local NGOs here in Nepal during his stay of 4 months time. And that was the time, when the team felt the need for a website that people like Anton could directly use.

 How people can use NGOs in Nepal?


  • Find NGOs near their home or office and volunteer a few hours a week


  • Find NGOs to partner with for their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.


  • Contact NGOs in Kathmandu regarding opportunities to volunteer and/or intern.

Nepalese living abroad                                                                           

  • Understand how local organizations are solving some of the deepest problems in Nepalese society and perhaps donate to causes they like or give ideas.

In addition to it, questions may arise why only NGOs are included not the INGOs. Mr. Punit Jajodia has explained that, “My experience while working with quakemap.org taught me that INGOs bring in a lot of money into Nepal but they have a huge administrative overhead. The impact they have is very little, compared to local NGOs like Kathmandu Living Labs and Clean Up Nepal that are doing much better work with limited resources.”

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With the mission of helping the people who aspire to help local organizations have some future plans in order to expand their vision. They have planned to redefine the site so that the user can view NGO near his/her current location, NGOs can post calls for volunteers and donations and also the recommendations and Rating System for NGOs to separate the genuine NGOs from the fake ones in the upcoming days.

These sorts of unique ideas by the Parewa Labs team is the source of inspiration to those who are still finding no any ways to serve the people around. The site needs the co-operation of the NGOs by adding up their organization with some information.

It is said that “Most of us feel the necessity, but only some of us work for it.” It is clearly proved by this sort of NGO directory. Moreover, the co-founder of Parewa Labs, Mr. Punit Jajodia said, “My dream is to create a platform where people can donate to ‘local’ causes and “local” NGOs directly.”

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