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NEXT Growth Conclave 2019, Nepal’s Largest Entrepreneurship Conference, Set for December 15

A startup is a tough nut to crack. Imagine trying to build everything from the ground up, trying to achieve an idea despite everyone telling you otherwise.

If you have been in that situation, don’t you wish for someone to help you? Maybe, inspire you a little… Maybe, change your vision into an absolute reality. Honestly, your startup is a new venture and you do not know where it leads. So having someone on the same path or someone who has already walked that path is always a boon.

Keeping that in mind, NEXT Growth Conclave 2019 is here! Basically, it is a gathering of startups in Nepal where entrepreneurs could meet with other entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, listening to someone speak about their journey and their thought process can be a big help! At the same time, an entrepreneur can strengthen their networking and meet up with interested investors!

Moreover, the event is set for Sunday, 15 December 2019, at Soaltee Crowne Plaza, Kathmandu. Furthermore, only limited tickets are available right now!

What’s NEXT Growth Conclave?

NEXT Growth Conclave is an annual flagship program of NEXT Venture Corp, which started in 2016. Moreover, it is the meeting place for Nepal’s disruptive startups, small businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, eminent personalities and other corporate executives. Furthermore, the event aims to develop the startup ecosystem of Nepal by showcasing Nepal’s growing startup community and caters to its unique needs.

The conclave will host numerous speakers who are at the top of their respective fields in technology. This year’s speakers in the growth Conclave include:

  • Mrs. Ansoo Gupta – CEO of Pinstrom
  • Mrs. Carman Chan – Founder & Managing Partner of Click Ventures
  • Mr. Dipta Shah – Managing Partner of 54i Ventures
  • Mr. Shazeeb M Khairul Islam – Managing Director of YY Ventures
  • Mr. Ridwan Hafiz – Founder & CEO of Go Zayaan & Analyzen
  • Mrs. Carina Yao – Managing Director of Cloud Ventures
  • Mr. Tin Hang Liu – Founder & CEO of Open Motors
  • Mr. Raj Bahadur Shah – Managing Director of Jawalakhel Group of Industries
  • Mr. Mohan Belani – Co-Founder & CEO of e27
  • Mr. Nitin Sethi – VP of IndiGo Airlines
  • Mr. Sulav Budhathoki – Founder & Group
  • Mr. Shailendra Raj Giri – Managing Director to Merojob, Real Solutions, Rojgaru Services, and Aayulogic

Wait, there’s more! There are other major attractions of NEXT Growth Conclave 2019 that are listed below.

#1. Startup Valley

Startup Valley is a platform designed for startups to exhibit their businesses to the attendees, potential investors, customers, startup enthusiast and network with fellow founders. Moreover, showcasing in the startup valley offers an opportunity to meet the media representatives. Plus, one might even get featured in the national and international media. So, this is a good chance to increase brand recognition and gain investors.

Apart from Startup Valley, companies or startups can also be part of Kickstart Hill. Why? Well, they can launch their businesses in the mass of more than 1000+ attendees.

#2. Kickstart Hill

Kickstart Hill is a part of the ‘Startup Valley’ and is a platform where new startups can launch themselves or their products and get media coverage. Frankly, the whole event will bring everyone together… the startup enthusiasts, investors, industry experts, mentors and media from all over Nepal and abroad! Moreover, it can be an excellent platform for startups to launch their new products.

#3. Media Lounge

Different media personnel is present in the media lounge. Likewise, the representatives from startups can go and talk to the people from the press (like us) and gain coverage for their innovative ideas. As they say, ‘Business without marketing is like a Car without fuel’.

#4. Investor Lounge

Investor Lounge is a space dedicated to the investors where the attendees and the startup founders can get an opportunity to interact with the potential investors, angel investors, investment companies and institutions. So, it is a chance for both startups and investors to explore possible partnerships and build powerful relations.

#5. Venture Blend

Venture Blend is a common platform for all the attendees where they can network over drinks. Here, startups can interact with newfound connections at the conclave. There will be a party over food, drinks, and music grooves.

According to organizers, this is the meeting place for Nepal’s entrepreneurial community to frame the ecosystem towards growth through the value networks from around the globe.

The Conclave takes off with some of the most prominent growth leaders in the world sharing their secrets with the attendees. The discussions allow the attendees to gain invaluable insights and growth hacks from highly influential global speakers. These speakers attempt to outline their experiences to help attendees get a complete picture of accelerating growth in Nepal’s startup community.

The previous NEXT Growth Concave 2018 saw 3200+ Entrepreneurs in attendance, 49 Global speakers, 215 Investors, 110+ Media across 12 Countries. Moreover, the event also showcased 93 StartUps and 48 Kickstart Hill Launches.

Event Details

  • Date: December 15, 2019
  • Venue: Soaltee Crowne Plaza, Kathmandu
  • Time: 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM
  • Ticket Cost: Rs. 3000 / Rs. 20,000 (Registration for Startup Valley)
  • Event Link: http://nextgrowthconclave.com/

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