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Nepal Government Set to Develop New Industrial Area in Motipur

The government of Nepal has proposed to develop an industrial area in Motipur of Rupandhehi district, in accordance with its plans to establish one industrial area in each province, reports The Kathmandu Post. Motipur falls under Province 5.

According to the preliminary Detailed Project Report (DPR) regarding the plan, 150 medium and large factories can be established in Motipur, and each factory is to have a separate building.

The Details:

  • Respecting the request of the local people representatives and other stakeholders in the region, the proposed project will be built in the less populated area.
  • According to the preliminary DPR, out of the total 814 biggas, around 150 biggas of land lies in the densely populated area with around 700 homes.
  • The study on environmental impact assessment is underway which is expected to be completed in six months.

What they are saying:

  • Tul Bahadur Ran Chettri, local inspector and chief of Butwal Industrial Area, said the facility would be built on 814 biggas of land across the banks of Tinau River.
  • “We have completed measurement of land. The base test of soil is also complete which shows it was suitable to build infrastructure for large factories,” said Chettri.
  • The report estimates the development of the industrial area will cost Rs. 5 billion.
  • Shiva Raj Subedi, deputy mayor of Butwal Municipality, said the proposed industrial area would be developed only after the families by the project are resettled. Adding, “We need industrial area as well as our houses. The project would hold a discussion with the local representatives before making any decision on the land acquisition.”
  • According to Nanda Kishore Basnet, chairman and general manager of Industrial Districts Management Limited (IDM), “Embankments must be built on both sides of the river to develop the industrial area which will require a separate study.”

The Backstory:

About 14 years ago, the process of developing an industrial estate in Motipur had begun with the initiative of The Butwal Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The process began on 240 biggas of land.

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