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Nepwaste to Manage Solid Waste in Kathmandu

Image Courtesy: The Kathmandu Post

The Investment Board of Nepal (IBN) and Nepwaste, a Finnish joint venture, have joined in a Public Private Partnership (PPP) for the management of solid waste in the Valley, reports The Kathmandu Post.

Why it matters:

  • With this agreement, people in the Valley will get services like door to door collection of waste, street sweeping and cleaning of riverbanks, surface drainage and public places like temples.
  • And in return, people have to pay Rs. 219 per month as waste collection service fees.

The Details:

  • According to the agreement, the project will be handed over to the government after 20 years of commercial operation.
  • The project worth $50 million will be executed after the municipalities approve the project.
  • Nepwaste package will collect waste from Kathmandu district and process it at Banchare Danda.
  • It is aiming to replace the present practice of solid waste management- street sweeping, collection and disposal by a resource-oriented and sustainable practice of reducing, reuse and recycle for Kathmandu metropolis and 9 other municipalities.

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