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Nepali Entertainment App – A new app to keep you entertained for hours

Life has become fast these days. There is not enough time to sit down, relax for 5 minutes and release the stress. As a result, entertainment has become a necessity for everybody to give life back to its charm and energy.

Best way, we can get indulged with the entertainment is through our smartphones. Everything, including “entertainment” is just few clicks away from us if we have an app that sets aside us to watch music’s, videos, trailers, pranks, documentaries and movies that we can look up to.

nepali entertainment app

A new app named “Nepali Entertainment” has been launched that provides sort of entertainment we look for. Nepali Entertainment app has narrowed down the entertainment contents that’s available on the YouTube. The major focus of the Nepali Entertainment app is to navigate the users through popular Nepali music videos, trailers, movies, documentaries etc. so users can get amused and delighted to a greater extent.

Undoubtedly, YouTube is the ultimate source of entertainment. But, many times we miss some of the Nepali entertainment contents out there because of some obvious reasons. One of the reasons I see is, recommendations that are made by YouTube considering the videos we had watched in the past that might not have any close relevancy with our present interest. Nepali Entertainment app can be helpful to counterpart this scenario. And, for all those lovers and ardent followers of Nepali entertainment, the app can be pretty useful.

Besides, the app can also be helpful for Nepali YouTubers, Vlogger and Music Artists who are looking for an effective way to promote their songs and videos.

 Features at glance

Nepali Entertainemnt App

  • Browse Nepali music, movies, documentaries and get updated with the latest trailers, music and videos from Nepali YouTubers.
  • Browse popular and latest global music videos, and stay updated with the latest Hollywood trailers.
  • Watch new and old Nepali movies.
  • Watch featured YouTubers videos and feature your own original videos in this app.
  • Watch the videos from where you left off previously.
  • Favorite and access the videos later

Amrit Khatiwada, Abhishek Koirala and Bijay Dulal are the developers behind this app. At present, they are working at SilpTech, a technology firm that provides different IT solutions.

amrit khatiwada
Amrit Khatiwada, Lead Developer of Nepali Entertainment app

Talking about the expectations from the app, Amrit Khatiwada, Lead Developer of Nepali Entertainment app, said, “Initially, we have few expectations, but in the long run, we have some big expectations from our app. We did a little research on the apps available on Play Store which are focused on promoting Nepali videos, but very few caught our attention. So, we are hoping that people, home and abroad, can find easy access to the latest added contents on YouTube, such as movies, documentaries, songs, and trailers. Often with YouTube, we tend to miss out so many videos because there are tons of videos and often YouTube shows us tons of recommended videos. We are hoping it could be really helpful to Nepali YouTubers, especially beginners, who want to promote their YouTube channel and videos to the larger mass.”

The app seems promising to me. The initial release of the app definitely has the features that I would like to use. The UI feels a bit dull. Perhaps, the color combination should be more vivid and sharp rather than plain brown color.

You can download the app from the Google Play Store from this link.

What do you think about this app, do let us know in the comments below.

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